I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and moved to the United States in 1997. Photography has always been a hobby that I’ve greatly enjoyed. Looking for new things to photograph has led me to experiment with different techniques.

 As a photographer enthusiast, I enjoy macro photography, Black and White and astrophotography among others.

 Portraits started naturally as the next step of my progression in photography, and as I expected, fun became a big part of it.

 I love the outdoor photography; even when light control is more challenging than a studio. The results have shown clients are more uninhibited and photos become more about capturing a moment in a natural environment.

Fun has to be part of the process, especially if there are kids involved, a spontaneous laugh captured at the right moment and angle creates a great picture for the parents and the people they want to share it with.


Capture a moment and you have a memory for life.

Publication: AUTVIS São Paulo - Brazil


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